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Powered by marine rescue 

MARINE RESCUE is the first Lifeguard School in Achaea, with a wide network of work. It is a Recognized school by the Ministry of Shipping and the Coast Guard .All lifeguards have seminars and certifications on First  Aid and they are all trained and experienced.


The Fleet

Our fleet consists of hospitable, appreciative,sociable people. They are all experienced,capable ,trained and ready to help you escape in the best and safest way with our modern and fully equipped boats all over Kefalonia and Ithaca.Don’t hesitate to ask them for any information you need.Pick your boat and let us guide you to fresh,crystal water and live a dreamy holiday.

Our boats

Our boats are all brand new  boats,with new engines ,fully equipped with all the safety equippment ,GPS service and portable speaker with bluetooth, to enjoy your trip by choosing your playlist.We also offer a cool box with ice,waterproof bags and water masks for our guests. The boats based on the comfort and safety provide comfortable canape,sun protection canopy and ladder.We have chosen the best and most occult beaches of Kefalonia and Ithaca and will help you to explore. .


Our Destinations

Some of the top and most famous destinations of Kefalonia and Ithaca you have to visit:



Makria Petra





Choose your boat with or without skipper and dive into the most secluded and  turquoise sea waters.

Our Professional Crew


Captain Takis

Captain Takis is a really experienced captain with lots of years in shipping in Greece and abroad. He is working as skipper and coordinator in cruises for 10 years. Also he’s a dynamic ,sociable and agreeable man. He loves traveling and he is trained in first aid.


Captain Konstantina

Captain Konni is a sociable ,calm ,skillfull and adventurous girl. She has made studies in geology and she is a lifeguard in open sea for several years. She loves the sea and the water sports. She is trained in first aid and she has speedboat license.

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